Be all things to all people through the love and truth of Jesus Christ

Welcome to Kairos Fellowship Church

Whether you’re visiting family and friends, in a season of transition, searching for a new church, or just want to try something different – we’re here for you. We promise not to pressure you. We may ask some questions but you are more than welcome to say “I’d like to just worship today without being asked questions or introduced.” We will honor your desire to worship incognito. 

We are a "come as you are" kind of church. We care more about you and who you are than how you dress or if you like coffee vs. tea. We don’t have a dress code. We don’t like Sundays being a performance or a "put on your Sunday-Christiany-self" kind of day. Here’s what our church looks like right now.

We are a church that is majority Asian-American hoping to be an inter-ethnic church. We sing contemporary songs. Service is about an hour + fifteen minutes long, and we are temporarily and thankfully meeting in another church’s building while saving and searching for our new home. 

We don’t have children’s or youth ministry set up yet. We don’t have the fancy lights, our own space, or all of the things established churches have. But what we do have is worship in its simplest form: gathering with other image-bearers to worship the One, as one. And we will prayerfully be proactive in taking steps forward, together.

We strive to be a safe place for the spiritually abused, religiously traumatized, racially and socially injusticed and marginalized. We’re not perfect, but we’re trying our best to point you to someone who is: Jesus Christ.

So come as you are, whether you want to dream together or just worship. You are welcome at Kairos. God loves you, and we do, too. 

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